Merry Christmas Theme

Merry Christmas Theme

Santa flies onto your Pocket PC


  • Festive Santa background image


  • Unreadable Today screen

Not bad

Nobody likes it when it rains - apart from if it's raining presents! And that's exactly what will happen if you install the Merry Christmas Theme.

The theme adds a festive background image to your PDA's display. It depicts Father Christmas falling through the sky towards a snow-covered village, dropping all the presents as he goes. At the bottom of the screen reads those simple words 'Merry Christmas'.

The background wallpaper is very Christmassy but unfortunately the orange text that the Merry Christmas Theme adds to your Today screen is pretty difficult to read. What's more, the Start menu restyling included in the theme is downright garish.

The Merry Christmas Theme will get you in the seasonal mood, but it's not the best piece of design work we've ever seen.

Merry Christmas Theme


Merry Christmas Theme

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